PR CONTACT: Mrs. Tala   “​CABERNET FRANC VS CABERNET VS MERLOT” June 2nd, 2018 Los Angeles, Ca. (February 28, 2018)-   Did you know that the grapes Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc are actually the “parents” of Cabernet Sauvignon?   Cabernet Franc seems to be breaking out! Travelling from Santa Barbara to Napa Valley, … Continue reading CABERNET FRANC VS CABERNET VS MERLOT; Tasting Event


Ten Truths about Cab Franc

As the founder of #CabFrancDay, I am on a mission to give this phenomenal grape varietal the credit it is do! I was honored when asked to write a guest post just prior to last year’s holiday for Napa Valley Wine Academy. Although I really vamp up the press in November [#CabFrancDay is December 4th] I … Continue reading Ten Truths about Cab Franc

Spotlight: Dracaena Wines

Dracaena Wines 2550 Dry Creek Rd Paso Robles, CA 93446 805-270-3327 Winery's Tag Line Our Wines + Your Moments = Great Memories Twitter Handle dracaenawines Instagram Handle dracaenawines Facebook Page Address Dracaena Wines Pinterest Page Address dracaenawines YouTube Channel Address user/dracaenawines How will you be celebrating #CabFrancDay? Please be as specific as possible. Remember you … Continue reading Spotlight: Dracaena Wines

Join in the #CabFrancDay Celebration

Join in the #CabFrancDay Celebration was originally posted on  #CabFrancDay is nearly here! Let us all celebrate the grape! I am on a mission to prove that this variety is "More Than a Blending Grape!" In France, the variety is called Breton, Véron, Noir dur, Bouchy, Bouchet, Gros Bouchet, Carmenet, Grosse Vidure, Messanges rouge, and Trouchet … Continue reading Join in the #CabFrancDay Celebration

Spotlight: Glorie Farm Winery

SPOTLIGHT ON CABERNET FRANC PRODUCER: Glorie Farm Winery   40 Mountain Rd., Marlboro, NY 12542-5009 845.236.3265   Winery's Tag Line "We GROW Glorie Wine!"   Twitter Handle GlorieWine   Instagram Handle gloriewine   Facebook Page Address Glorie Farm Winery   How will you be celebrating #CabFrancDay? We'll send 3 bottles of our Cabernet … Continue reading Spotlight: Glorie Farm Winery