Joining and Seeking Ways Villány



Only about 40 journalists from Croatia arrived in the Villany wine region to understand what it means to the South of Hungary representing the most distinctive variety. The Franc Franc & international conferences and a Master of Wine tasting monster-s participation villányi tried to determine the true face of hell – and market opportunities.

Here, finally decide that in Hungary or abroad want to sell the franc was villányi” – called Elizabeth Gabay Master of Wine last Friday for the second time this year held an international conference Franc Franc & Villany Bock Participants in the cellar. The renowned winemakers and experts listened quietly as the British specialist, argued that international success growing stronger red wines are needed, and the barrels should hold back.

Gabay has a lot of people at the conference were true, but the , the Central and Eastern European region focusing on online wine magazine’s editors, Daniel and Sue Tolson Ercsey raised other concerns. The journalists believe that although there may be a lot to talk about, what they drink, the British, American, Chinese or Spanish consumers should not ignore the fact that the franc villányi biggest customer is still the Hungarians. And if the Hungarian wine drunk prefer 2-3 years in oak tree-length full-bodied, tannic wines such as light, such as Friuli around the steel tank Franc, you can – if wanting to make a living in the home winemakers – they have no choice: it must serve as a living Hungarian insurance consumers.

On the other hand approaches the question from Alexander Mare wine blogger, the editor. According to him, while the west and south of us in the gastronomy hell-are well-established, lighter, fresher, roppanósabb made, everyone will want to be prepared in Villány this variety of large, festive wine. Maybe some of the comments of the day Saturday tasting (which they are otherwise sold out weeks earlier!) As well as an opportunity for international and domestic hell-depth ízlelgetésére reason.

Many of the journalists are also enthusiastic about József Bock hordómintájáért 2015, which was virtually complete. Current state represented by a lighter line, but the winemakers will have been matured in the barrel for more than a year, so that the Hungarian consumer tastes closer, bulkier items to be born. The wine “uncle” in 2012, Black Hill harvested versions of all domestic wine competition featured prominently, got a lot of gold coins, but even the Decanter contest also earned a gold medal.

For those who have a lot of grimaces tannintól high extrakttól, quietly noted that the large-franc s perfectly matured. do not buy anything elegance (even!) Bela Jekl 2006 fuck-yeah, but make time to teach, like Attila Gere is manifestly preserves the belértékeit. Some were perhaps surprised but not Csányi Winery franc-Jan 14-year-old felt aging, Malatinszky Csaba trans- posing as the franc gained international notoriety in 2008 for either item.

It is also observed, however, that the international taste, the more restrained barrels, fruity flavors are dominated more and more people wish conformable.The Sauska Winery 2012 fuck-yeah follow this direction, very resolute consistency. In this middle way the behavior you Géza Balla’s 2011 Cabernet Franc Rock Bora is a good example – at least among writers – an undivided success. It would be a mistake to think that innovation and not be nice to show results in Villany traditionalism. Tiffán Ede 2011 Grande Selectionje French barrels, and the wine Villany legend even among those selected: it could only be the fruit of csúcsválogatásba the best barrels. The beautiful barrel of excellent raw materials made it even more beautiful. But the elegantly fruity Vylyan Winery Mandolás hell-sorting.

And what is this lesson? Certainly enough to cause offense hard, only to slowly shape – in Hungary, but abroad as well. As the main organizer of the Pécs Wine editor, Zoltan Győrffy the has said Villany is proud to be ambitiously looking for new avenues and want to burn into the world’s largest production site in Hungary.



Although the process of the search for identity has not yet been finalized, it is a fact – and this is a different wine writers say – there is no other wine region in Hungary which could be subject to similar high level international events and grandiose roof. We are waiting and keeping our fingers crossed for a sequel to the franc’s Villany . He really deserves it.

The post Joining and Seeking Ways Villány was originally posted on November 20, 2016 on by @pecsiborozo.


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